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Tailored Design & Custom Capabilities

What is Studio Tux? 
Think of StudioTux as your personal workshop and a way to set you apart from your competition. Tuxton has always provided the capabilities to apply custom logos and graphics to a majority of our products. We have also made it possible for customers to mix and match different colors from our existing glazes to virtually any Tuxton stock items. StudioTux further expands the design possibilities beyond these limitations by letting our customers custom tailor their own unique ceramic designs and explore color glazes beyond our current color palettes. 

How does it work? 
Tuxton will provide an initial quote based on custom design and graphic specifications from the customer. Pricing for custom items will depend on the design and colors. A 3D rendering will be generated, which will allow us the ability to make quick alterations if necessary. A production sample will then be submitted to the customer for final approval in approximately 3-4 weeks. Lead time will be approximately 90 days from the time we receive the confirmed purchase order. 



  • 12 dozen minimum per item

  • Art work must be 1:1 scale at 300dpi or higher In resolution

  • PMS numbers

  • Trademark authorization

  • Placement of logo/design

All custom orders are subject to a 10% overage or shortage of ordered quantity. A 50% deposit is required when placing the purchase order, and/or a purchase agreement must be signed. There are no exchanges or returns on custom items. 

For more information regarding custom designs, please feel free to contact your local representative or contact us directly at 877-288-9866. We look forward to making your vision a reality! 

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