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Tuxton’s always on the go when it come to the latest events, news and sponsorships. We appreciate the opportunity to keep you updated.

Industry Outreach


Azteca Mexican Restaurants (Oregon, Washington, Florida) has been using Tuxton China for over 15 years in our 23, full service Mexican Restaurants. Tuxton is the Azteca Brand!

Randy Thurman

Executive Director/Brand Manager-Azteca Mexican Restaurants



All around the world, Tuxton friends & family play this fun game, checking to see if the chinaware is sporting the black bow tie that designates a quality Tuxton product. As Tuxton has made its way into the hearts and dining rooms of chefs worldwide, we have witnessed more and more sightings with great pride. Don’t forget to include the name of the dish or restaurant; our fans love to hear about your favorite eats! Tag us on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn @TuxtonChina


We can't wait to see your #TuxtonSighting!

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