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Proper Care and Handling

Handling of Chinaware 

Tuxton China knows how important it is to keep your chinaware looking as good as new, which is why all our items go through rigorous testing in order to provide you with long lasting chinaware. 

By following some simple steps and training your staff, you can prolong the life of your chinaware and eliminate the most common causes of the following problems. 

Breakage or Chipping 

  • Never hit chinaware on its edge to remove stuck on food, always use scrapers to dislodge food from plates

  • Never use other china or metal utensils to scrape dishes

  • Avoid overloading dish racks which cause items to bang together

  • Do not nest items that don't nest

  • Do not overload bus boxes

  • Do not drop heavy items onto china in the bus box

  • Avoid stacking china too high

Processes Causing Scratches or Metal Marking and Excessive Glaze Wear 

  • Infrequent cleaning of stainless steel dish tables

  • Using other china or metal utensils to scrape dishes

  • Overworking the china due to inadequate inventory levels

  • Scouring with metal pads, steel wool

  • Overloading of bus boxes and dish racks

  • Stacking hot, wet china

Processing Causing Stains or Discoloration 

  • Allowing china to remain unwashed after use

  • Overworking the china due to inadequate inventory levels

For more information on our recommending handling of chinaware, or if you need help in finding the cause for wear and tear, please contact us at or call us toll free at 877.288.9866 and we would be happy to help.


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