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Find the newest products and promotions from Tuxton and download our latest flyers. Don’t forget to see where Tuxton has been spotted in the US and Internationally.

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We love our Tuxton dishes! They show no signs of wear, are durable and are the perfect canvas for our food!

Jeff and Susan Mall

Chefs and Owners of Zin Restaurant

New Flyers

Studio Tux Flyer

StudioTux is a new design platform that will allow chefs to take a
presentation design idea and turn it into reality. Whether it is picking an existing Tuxton item and applying a custom glaze for a provocative appearance, or courageously designing unique items, the Chef is the artist and we provide the canvas.

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The vintage scalloped design and refined look are well-suited for a myriad of culinary styles.

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Artisan Geode

The handmade look of Artisan combined with the lively speckled Agave and Azure glazes gives this collection a bohemian yet contemporary appearance.

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The square and rectangle shapes of Kona provide the perfect canvas for charcuterie, appetizers, sushi, tapas and even desserts.

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Sandbar's contemporary, yet playful design lures your eye to the center of the plate to capture the creativity of the chef's culinary vision.

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TuxTrendz Specialty Items

Set yourself apart using our TuxTrendz Specialty Items, and provide the finishing touch to your culinary experience.

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Pacifica is reminiscent of the sandbars and ocean surf that hug the picturesque coastline of California. Rich in beauty with exquisite lines, Pacifica presents the look of serenity and grace.

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Tuxton Information Flyer - Why Choose Tuxton?

Tuxton China Inc. is a family-owned and operated company here in the US and in China. Started in 1999 by the Lam family, Tuxton has become a leading wholesaler of high-quality dinnerware and ovenware products for the foodservice industry.

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