Collection Flyers

Accents & Tapas Flyer

Accents & Tapas

Provide unique individual taste experiences with our Accents & Tapas collection.

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Alaska and Colorado Flyer

Alaska and Colorado

The Alaska and Colorado collection presents a simplicity suited to many different styles of foodservice venues. The ability to accessorize with other items makes this dinnerware line invaluable.

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AlumaTux Specialty Items Flyer

AlumaTux Specialty Items

Creativity is at the core of every tabletop. With these AlumaTux Specialty Items the possibilities are endless and limited only by your imagination.

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Artisan Flyer


Each piece looks and feels as if it was hand-thrown, creating a rustic
and unique presentation. The lush, vibrant glazes react differently with
each firing, so every piece is truly an original. Available in five colors
inspired by the deserts of California; Agave, Mojave, Night Sky, Red Rock and Sagebrush.

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Artisan Geode Flyer

Artisan Geode

The handmade look of Artisan combined with the lively speckled Agave and Azure glazes gives this collection a bohemian yet contemporary appearance.

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Bahamas & Emerald Flyer

Bahamas and Emerald

The ideal dinnerware collection for a fast-paced environment with exceptional durability and value. The green or brown speckle with the band and line add a touch of color and distinctive quality to the table.

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Bakers & Rarebits Flyer

Bakers & Rarebits

From side dishes to desserts, we offer an extensive line of bakers and rarebits for that finished presentation.

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Cappuccino & Espresso Flyer

Cappuccino & Espresso

The variety of shapes, sizes and colors in our Cappuccino and Espresso collection can supply the ideal compliment to your table.

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Charleston Flyer


The vintage scalloped design and refined look are well-suited for a myriad of culinary styles.

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Chicago Flyer


Chicago’s traditional embossed design has the flexibility to be used for both casual and fine dining establishments appealing to the finest of tastes.

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Concentrix Flyer


With Concentrix, there are seven vibrant colors available. Give your tabletop a splash of color and pizazz.

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Creme Brulee & Souffles

Creme Brulee and Souffles

Durability and heat retention from the oven, to classic beauty on the table.

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Durability and heat retention from the oven, to classic beauty on the table.

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Florence Flyer


The smooth simple curves and porcelain white color show off the coupe shape of the Florence Collection, which ensures your menu items take center stage every time.

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Green Bay Flyer

Green Bay

From breakfast to lunch to dinner, the deep hue of the green line creates that extra special detail and freshness to enhance your guests experience.

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Hampshire Flyer


Strength and symmetry create the Hampshire collection. Strong lines with a balance of tradition and beauty give this collection versatility and value.

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Kona Flyer


The square and rectangle shapes of Kona provide the perfect canvas for chartcuterie, appetizers, sushi, tapas and even desserts. With the distinctive lava glaze and wood grain embossing, this collection will inspire Chefs and guests alike.

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Linx Flyer


The new Linx Collection from Tuxton is a great way to maximize your
menu presentations. With two different styles of trays and many
different items to mix and match, there are a multitude of possibilities.

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Meridian Flyer


Meridian collection's stylish pattern evokes a sense of movement, giving an unparalleled dining experience and providing the perfect palate.

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Modena Flyer


The Modena collection presents beauty and grace. Simple yet elegant lines show off each presentation of culinary artistry.

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Monterey Flyer


With its delicate wing-like embossing, the Monterey Collection takes flight. Durable, affordable and exceptional combination for an exceptional table.

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Mugs Flyer


With over 30 mugs available, you'll find the perfect mug for your establishment.

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Napa Flyer


Elegant, rich and robust is what Napa is all about, and with this collection, your cuisine will be too. Let the subtle and delicate lines of Napa offer a presentation your palate will remember.

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Reno & Nevada Flyer

Nevada & Reno

Designed to handle the demands of fast-paced establishments, the Reno and Nevada collection embodies clean lines, durability and value.

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Pacifica Flyer


Pacifica is reminiscent of the sandbars and ocean surf that hug the picturesque coastline of California. Rich in beauty with exquisite lines, Pacifica presents the look of serenity and grace.

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Ramekins Flyer


The bread and butter of any tabletop. With a multitude of sizes, shapes, patterns and colors, we have the perfect ramekin that best suits your needs.

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Rectangles Flyer


Our Rectangles collection cultivates creative ways to display desserts, appetizers, sides and so much more.

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Salad & Pasta Bowls Flyer

Salad & Pasta Bowls

Providing the perfect backdrop for any food preparation. Versatile for not only salads and pasta, but a range of possibilities appealing to your creativity.

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Sandbar Flyer


Sandbar's contemporary, yet playful design lures your eye to the center of the plate to capture the creativity of the chef's culinary vision.

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San Marino Flyer

San Marino

Enhance your tabletop with the refined look of San Marino. The stylish lines and graceful curves compliment any occasion.

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Santorini Flyer


Drawing inspiration from the smooth-edged corners of the homes
on Santorini, comes a dinnerware collection that will inspire any
Chef. Create magical flavors and breathtaking presentations to
lure your guests into a new culinary paradise.

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Serving Pieces Flyer

Serving Pieces

With a large assortment of plates, platters and bowls our Serving Pieces add to the presentation of any tabletop.

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Shell Flyer


Turn on the charm and experience the delicate scalloped edges of the Shell collection. This collection is not only striking, but makes you feel at home.

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Sonoma Flyer


Whether it is casual or extravagant, the classic embossed pattern of Sonoma delivers a tabletop worth remembering.

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Soup & Casseroles Flyer

Soup & Casseroles

The highest quality with exceptional durability are key ingredients that go into making our ovenware.

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Squares Flyer


Trendy, playful, casual or chic. Our Squares collection can compliment any of our dinnerware collections or stand on their own to create a canvas for each culinary masterpiece.

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Tea Pots & Accessories Flyer

Tea Pots & Accessories

Tea pots, creamers, sugar holders, and all items that are necessary for proper tea service. Our Tea Pots and Accessories are durable, affordable and come in a variety of colors.

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Triangles Flyer


The Triangle collection with its contemporary style only needs a touch of creativity to display a wide range of dishes.

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Healthcare Flyer

Tuxcare Healthcare

Our healthcare plates and dishes are designed to combine with insulated domes, bases and other innovative food delivery systems for extended heat retention.

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TuxTrendz Flyer

TuxTrendz Specialty Items

Set yourself apart using our TuxTrendz Specialty Items, and provide the finishing touch to your culinary experience.

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Venice Flyer


Give your guests a sense of nostalgia with the retro coupe shape of Venice. Stylish and functional, each piece sets the mood.

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